About Jo.

Proudly born in New Mexico and raised all over America.  Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to eat and cook.  I was a pudgy little towhead often found begging her mom for one more scoop of peanut butter or making weird culinary dishes as an excuse to eat along the way. I always felt a pull to the kitchen (probably confused it with hunger) and felt most comfortable preparing and consuming this aspect of culture. 


I am a champion and supporter of using the table to challenge the cultural norms of eating, feeding and inviting unlikely guests to the table.  I would like to use food to heal broken systems, shift power structures and care for surrounding relationships. I see the power of food and I believe there is much untapped potential to reconcile, bless and nourish physical and emotional needs through a communal meal. 


I have fallen in love with the incredible country of Turkey during my time living here; it is a beautiful culture filled with beautiful people and it has been incredibly important to my growth as a human.  In August of 2019, I married my beloved husband, Salih.  He is an incredible Turkish man and my undeserved gift. Together, we are pursuing our passions of agriculture, gastronomy and justice. 


I hope you see elements of culture, food and growth (with a Turkish/American flair) soaked into the content of Hasat Günü.  This is just a simple collection of ideas, thoughts and products that matter to me. 

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