Hi, my name is Jocette, most people call me Jo, and this is my husband, Salih! Together, we are pursuing our passions in agriculture, gastronomy, and cooking. Join us as we explore how these principles can be a part of your life, anywhere in the world. 

The Beauty of Turkish Culture, Anywhere. 

I am American, Salih is Turkish. After meeting in Istanbul, living in Izmir, and navigating our cross-cultural relationship, we have learned to celebrate our multi-cultural life. Join us as we bring stories, recipes, and other Middle Eastern-inspired offerings to you, wherever you are!


the rich flavors from our cross-cultural kitchen as we learn how to bring two worlds together.


how our unique designs, photographs, products are inspired and created.


to learn about ideas and stories that surround gastronomy, food justice, and culture.

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A piece of Turkey for yourself...

"Let's use the table to challenge the cultural norms of eating, feeding, and inviting unlikely guests to the table. 


Let's use food to heal broken systems, shift power structures, and care for surrounding relationships. 


There is power in food and much untapped potential to reconcile, bless, and nourish physical and emotional needs through a communal meal."

- Jocette

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